I am the I in IWK – Leanne MacKeen RN MN

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“I began my nursing career in the Birth Unit at the IWK over 33 years ago as a young, registered nurse (RN) supporting patients and their families through delivery and birth,” says Leanne MacKeen. “Over the years, I moved on to practice in other nursing roles at the IWK including in the Perinatal Centre and Chief of Nursing Office which served to fill my ‘nursing toolkit’ with invaluable skills and knowledge. These experiences have shaped me as an RN and inform the work I currently do as an Perinatal Nurse Consultant (PNC) with the Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP).”

As a masters prepared registered nurse in her role as nurse consultant, MacKeen supports perinatal health care providers across the province. Her work focuses on activities that improve health outcomes for pregnant people, infants, and families through the application of evidence informed resources and current practice standards. In the PNC role she participates in quality initiatives and clinical review, develops clinical practice guidelines and documentation tools, as well as facilitates interprofessional education that supports orientation and professional development.

“I have a keen interest in supporting the provision of antenatal and intrapartum care,” says MacKeen. “I am passionate about the work I do to inspire and support perinatal care providers to provide the best care to pregnant persons during all stages of pregnancy, delivery, and birth. I consider myself blessed to be part of the RCP team and look forward to my ongoing contribution to this important work.”