Kailee McCarron -Nurse Practitioner

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“The biggest benefit of developing the role has been offering comprehensive care management in collaboration with the patient, family, and larger team or teams to those patients and families who have more complex care needs to meet their goals,” says Kailee McCarron, Nurse Practitioner. “I often become the bridge to coordinate care and ensure sectors and disciplines work together to optimize a child’s function.”

McCarron works alongside healthcare professionals within the IWK Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic where they collaboratively offer support to babies, children and youth with acute or chronic conditions causing a physical difference or disability that results in functional impairment. They provide resources and suggest tools to optimize quality of life based on functional goals.

“My role varies depending on the need,” says McCarron. “This could be as simple as seeing a patient in clinic and helping meet their functional goal such as “crossing the graduation stage” by prescribing medications to treat hypertonia, for example, in the context of Cerebral Palsy.”

“This remains a relatively new role within IWK Health and I am looking forward further development in the realms of research and knowledge translation. I think there are so many opportunities to collaborate with and learn from folks who live with a physical difference or disability and I am so looking forward to continuing my mentorship with these amazing babies, children, youth, and families.”

We recognize the vital role that Nurse Practitioners (NPs) play in our health-care system and celebrate the work of NPs at IWK Health.