I am the I in IWK -Liz Greene RN

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“When I joined the IWK in 1989 it was my goal to be an excellent delivery room nurse,” says Liz Greene, a registered nurse in the Perinatal Clinic at the IWK. “I always said I had the best job a nurse could have.”

A motivating factor for her is it has allowed her to teach both new parents and the medical and nursing students that visit the unit.

“I love sharing the knowledge I have gathered over my 34 years as a perinatal nurse,” Greene says. “Both as a birth unit nurse, Lifeflight nurse and now prenatal nurse.”

Greene also takes great joy in seeing patients return for their prenatal visits as well as during subsequent pregnancies.

“I am very passionate about birth and making sure my clients are well prepared. I am also very passionate about breastfeeding education and am a member of the Baby Friendly committee at the IWK.”

October 10 to 16 is Perinatal Nurses Week.