I am the I in IWK -Uroba Naz, dietetic technician

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“Being a mother, I feel the emotions and understand the childcare needs of parents,” says Uroba Naz, a dietetic technician and Food Services and cafeteria supervisor at IWK Health. “This includes providing good food when their children have critical medical conditions.” 

As a dietetic technician, Naz plays a vital role in ensuring patient safety regarding food. Collaborating with fellow healthcare providers, such as dietitians and nurses, she delivers patient-centered care by offering meal choices tailored to individual needs. Naz takes into consideration patients’ preferences, dislikes, food allergies, and medical conditions to provide the best nutrition during their hospital stay. 

With science-based degrees in Applied Human Nutrition-Dietetics and Pharmacy, Naz was drawn to working in a hospital environment like the IWK. The opportunity to contribute to the Canadian healthcare system and serve women and children aligned perfectly with her career goals. She considers her position at the IWK a dream job and feels immense pride in being a part of the organization. 

“My current leadership role has increased my sense of responsibility,” says Naz. “My confidence in decision making has come from all the support and learning opportunities that have been provided me during in this role.”  

As an international student, Naz tempered her expectations of what opportunities might present themselves after graduation.  

“IWK gave me this great opportunity to come forward and they have trusted my capabilities,” she says. “I am very happy to be a part of this diverse team and culture. I believe, we (immigrants) can do much better with all the support and opportunities that can be provided by organizations such as the IWK.” 

Naz sees herself gaining extensive experience and expertise in her future roles at IWK. As she continues to grow professionally, she anticipates assuming higher management positions, and contributing her skills to further enhance patient care.