I am the I in IWK – Dr. Marcie Balch – psychologist

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Dr. Marcie Balch is a psychologist with the Sackville Community Mental Health and Addictions team.

And while all CHMA psychologists are generalists, Dr. Balch’s specialty is dialectal behavioural therapy. She often treats high-risk teens struggling with self-harm, suicidal ideation, and family challenges.

“My favourite part of my job is the clinical work. However, I would burn out of I did it five days a week. I feel like I can make meaningful changes and have the energy to do so because I’ve supplemented my work with other aspects that keep things interesting.”
– Dr. Marcie Balch

Striking a balance is something she encourages all clinicians to do – to seek opportunities to diversify their job plans.

Dr. Balch holds an organization-wide leadership position under the portfolio of Interprofessional Practice as IWK Health’s professional practice lead in psychology.  She and her colleagues – from disciplines ranging from social work to clinical nutrition, pharmacy, and beyond – work together to shape hospital policy that affects everyone.

She leads workshops, is involved in hiring, supervises Ph.D. students and residents, and is part of a working group that shares evidence-based information through IWK Health’s social media.

And finally, among her professional hats, she is a part-time professor at St. Mary’s University.

In her free time, Dr. Balch is a referee for university volleyball tournaments at the national level. She is an advocate for women in sports leadership – and currently, is the only female referee at her level provincially.

Dr. Balch is the 2023 recipient of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia’s Early Career Psychologist Award, awarded to outstanding clinicians within ten years of their registry.