I am the I in IWK -Oluwatobiloba ‘Tobi’ Paul Oluwadare, Unit Aide

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“Surgeries are very complex and unpredictable. If an instrument is needed urgently, my responsibility is to source that instrument to make sure the surgery goes smoothly. This seemingly small task is critical for the patient’s surgical outcome. And I have not only helped the patient, but the entire surgical team. I see myself as a problem solver and that goes beyond the job to my personality as well.”

Oluwatobiloba ‘Tobi’ Paul Oluwadare is a Unit Aide who provides support to the Gynecology/ Breast Health Operating Room (OR) at the IWK. On any given day Oluwadare is picking surgical case carts, liaising with the Medical Device Reprocessing Unit to source and organize surgical instruments, and supporting nurses and physicians to provide the best possible care to patients. He also collaborates with Stores and Distribution to stock surgical supplies, liaises with Bio-medical to repair broken machines/equipment, and picks up and delivers specimens. 

“This job cuts across many units and individuals within and outside the hospital,” says Oluwadare. “This is why success in this job is based on established, maintained work relationships and effective communication. Just as the job title suggests, aides are always behind the unit and are critical for smooth workflow.”

Oluwadare’s experience at the IWK has been one of growth, adaptability and flexibility.

“I’ve learnt from co-workers, gained knowledge from their experiences and they’ve helped me become better in my thinking and decision-making process,” says Oluwadare. “Likewise, I’ve had to be flexible and adapt to different work situations, step in to fulfil some work demands, and these have helped me become better at properly managing change. I have these experiences daily and they constantly exemplify the value of working here.” 

With two university degrees in Communications and Public Relations (Bachelor’s in Communication and a Master’s degree in Public Relations) Oluwadare looks forward to other opportunities within the hospital to broaden his experience and impact on the IWK.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and that keeps me motivated. I enjoy the smiles and sense of relief I see on the faces of people I help.”