I am the “I” in IWK – Michelle Wyman

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“Being a mother and a woman myself, I am most passionate about helping other women throughout the different phases of life, as it relates to their health and medication needs.  From contraception, to prenatal care, throughout pregnancies and breast feeding, and then during menopause and beyond – helping women navigate these times is very rewarding.”

Michelle Wyman is a clinical pharmacist in the Women’s and Newborn Health Program at IWK Health.

She’d been working in a community pharmacy that specialized in hormone replacement therapy as a certified menopause practitioner before coming to the IWK and really enjoyed it. But when she saw an opportunity posted for a position at the IWK purely dedicated to women’s health, she knew she had to apply and wanted to try working in a hospital environment.

“In my clinical role in Women’s Health, I help optimize medications in a variety of patient groups ranging from gynecology surgery patients, to expecting and breastfeeding mothers,” Wyman says. “In addition to this, I also work in the 6L satellite pharmacy where we prepare chemotherapy and CIVA doses for the pediatric patients.”

Wyman says working at the IWK provides the best of both worlds – extremely rewarding  face-to-face connections with patients and their families, and being a part of the entire health care team that works so tirelessly to provide the best care for patients.

“Our scope of practice within pharmacy seems to be ever expanding and it gives me a sense of hope that this will continue. We’re able to prescribe within our scope of practice, administer vaccines, assess for minor ailments, check for drug interactions, do medication reconciliations, counsel patients on how to take their medications properly and what side effects to monitor for, consider insurance coverage, coordinate care with outside centers and pharmacies, etc.,” Wyman says. “As our scope continues to expand we are more quickly and easily able to change, add, modify, and adjust patients’ medications to optimize them.”

Recently, Wyman has also been participating in the COVID vaccination clinic at the IWK.

“I am looking forward to helping get everyone vaccinated against COVID-19,” Wyman says. “I think this is a very exciting time!”