Halifax mayor recognizes respiratory therapists in year of pandemic

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In a year where the whole world is battling a respiratory illness, COVID-19, it’s fitting that respiratory therapists receive some extra recognition. October 25 – 31, 2020 is Respiratory Therapy Week in Canada and this year, Halifax’s Mayor Mike Savage, proclaimed it to be so for Halifax too.

“Therefore be it resolved, I Mayor Mike Savage on behalf of Regional Council do hereby proclaim October 25–31, 2020 as Respiratory Therapy Week in the Halifax Regional Municipality,” signed Mayor Mike Savage on the official proclamation.

The proclamation highlights our health care system’s reliance on respiratory therapists (RTs) this year more than ever before.

“I think it’s great that the mayor has proclaimed this week officially Respiratory Therapy Week,” says Alana Spicer, flight respiratory therapist and ECMO specialist at IWK Health. “We are a profession that a lot of people don’t know about until they encounter us in a clinical setting providing care to them or their loved one but we like to think of ourselves as the best kept secret in the hospital!”

Fortunately, Atlantic Canada has seen relatively few cases but that hasn’t meant our RTs weren’t taking every precaution and delivering the best care to patients. IWK RTs have been at the bedside for positive cases of COVID-19, and for even more presumed cases where no chances were taken.

“We’ve also been fortunate to collaborate with our colleagues from across the country who have more experience with this virus and learn from them. They’ve shared what treatments have worked and those that have been unsuccessful,” says Spicer. “When we experience the second wave, we’ll be even more prepared.”

Many people have never heard about RTs but they’re an integral part of the health care team that provide care to all from tiny, premature babies to adults in many different settings. Happy Respiratory Therapy Week to the 40+ RTS at IWK Health — you deserve it.

Photo by Ryan Wilson