Absence of cruise ships poses challenge for IWK Auxiliary 

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On the heels of announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Kermesse due to COVID-19, the IWK Auxiliary has lost another significant fundraising opportunity – cruise ship passengers. With annual fundraising numbers already low, one local business has stepped up their partnership with the IWK Auxiliary and is helping them with a hug. 

For the past 13 years, IWK Auxiliary volunteers have been greeting arriving cruise passengers at the Amos Pewter kiosk in the Dockside Shops at the Pier 22 Cruise Pavilion. The success of this partnership has resulted in over $400,000 raised by the Auxiliary in support of the children, youth, women and families at the IWK. 

In May it was announced that the 2020 cruise ship season would be cancelled. 350,000 tourists had been expected aboard the 203 cruise ships scheduled to visit. The loss of this fundraising opportunity, along with the cancellation of the annual Kermesse fundraiser and cutbacks to the Biggs & Littles gift shop hours of operations, has had significant impacts on the Auxiliary’s ability to raise funds this year. 

Auxiliary Members at Kermesse 2019
The 2020 Kermesse Fun Fair was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the lack of cruise ship tourists, Amos Pewter still hopes to assist the Auxiliary in raising funds through their store. Amos Pewter has created a unique pewter pocket charm, The Hug, in support of the IWK Auxiliary.  

“Our relationships with Amos Pewter is the gift that keeps on giving, even during pandemics,” says Catherine Davison, chair of Biggs & Littles Gift Shop. “All of our major fundraising projects have been put on hold for the 2020 year due to COVID-19. When the cruise ship cancellations were announced, we knew it would mean another hit to our fundraising efforts. This partnership will make a significant difference in our ability to support the IWK.”  

“Amos Pewter is proud of the longstanding partnership we have with the IWK Auxiliary,” says Karen Pinsent, retail lead with Amos Pewter. “Children, women and families will continue to experience the same needs and in order to continue to support the Auxiliary in these challenging times, Amos Pewter is pleased to be able to donate the proceeds of our new pewter Hug pocket charm to the Auxiliary.”  

The Hug pocket charm made its debut in stores and online on July 16, 2020 and all proceeds from sales of the charm will go to the IWK Auxiliary. The charm can be found at Amos Pewter waterfront stores in Mahone Bay, Halifax, Peggy’s Cove and Charlottetown as well as online at amospewter.com. 

Watch Lead Designer, David Christoffel, bring the Hug charm to life in their online series “At the Jeweler’s Bench”.