I am the I in IWK: Amber Lane, benefits consultant, Payroll & Benefits

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“It’s important I work every day and give it my best, because even though times are a little unusual right now, the world continues on,” Amber Lane, benefits consultant, says. “There are employees that still require assistance, and I still need to be there for them.”

Lane’s job as a benefits consultant includes helping new & current employees by providing knowledge and assistance around anything benefit related. This includes many things such as Health & Dental, Pension, Long Term Disability, Retirement, etc.

“We like to ensure the employees are aware of what benefits they are entitled to, and be there for them to help fill out paperwork, answer questions, and provide assistance in those areas when that is needed.”

Lane says since the COVID pandemic, the benefit consultant job has changed in the sense that they normally like to meet with employees face-to-face for benefit & retirement meetings, but that has not been possible.

“COVID prompted us to be innovative and create a different arrangement that will still allow us to be available for employees and try to provide the same level of service we would if in the office, while being able to respect the social distancing guideline,” Lane says. “We now set up phone meetings to assist employees and answer questions. We continue to be here for the employees, even if we can’t meet with them directly at this time.”

Lane says she continues to stay positive in uncertain times, as she is a naturally positive person who always tries to be optimistic.

“Things may be quite difficult and different right now, but as long as we stick together, we can make it through this.”