I am the I in IWK: Lisa DeWolfe, project manager, Innovation, Technology & Redevelopment

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“My favorite part of this new role is knowing I get to help people navigate transitioning to working from home and we’re tracking everything that leaves the health centre,” Lisa DeWolfe, project manager, Innovation, Technology, & Redevelopment says.

DeWolfe’s “normal” job is project manager with Innovation, Technology & Redevelopment – working on the Chez NICU Home project. Working alongside her colleagues, she ensures that IWK families in the NICU have educational tools while they are in the NICU, and at home by getting families set-up on the educational platform.

As has been the experience of many, some of DeWolfe’s daily work has changed as a result of COVID-19. She speaks of the ongoing efforts to help IWK’s patients, families, clinicians and staff to minimize the impact the pandemic has had on operations.

“I have been working with the Pandemic Response Unit (PRU) in rolling out iPads and Zoom Health for inpatient use. This is a provincial initiative providing iPads to all of the COVID units across the province,” DeWolfe says. “The purpose is to provide a virtual connect for the bedside RN and clinical care team with a family member or patient in isolation. It also provides a way for families to include another family member from home during rounds or any other time the clinicians and families wish to meet.”

She is also working with the PRU team to determine if Zoom for Healthcare can be used to address general questions instead of having to go into the patient’s room each time, potentially saving on PPE.

DeWolfe says the pandemic has also highlighted how important it is to adopt the attitude that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and what they have. “Sometimes, we’re going to make mistakes in a highly dynamic situation. That’s why I’m also grateful every day for the teams I work with when trying new technology and it doesn’t go as planned,” DeWolfe shares. “They have been a wonderfully soft place to fall and we manage it with a good deal of light-heartedness. This often leads us faster to finding a solution and getting the job done!”

DeWolfe discusses what keeps her going during these uncertain times.

“Change is challenging for everyone, but it can create some silver linings. I take comfort in my kids, my husband, friendship, both at work and in my personal life, and trying to maintain a sense of humour. Sometimes when things are looking pretty dismal in the world, I try to shrink my world for my children and focus on the small wins every day.”