I am the I in IWK: Kate Vangurp, Supply & Distribution

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Kate Vangurp works in the Supply & Distribution department of the IWK while she is finishing up her Licensed Practical Nursing diploma program. She describes the many changes her department has experienced since the onset of COVID19.

“There has been a greater need for employees due to an increased demand in our department’s many services,” says. “Some of our staff have also needed to isolate to protect their at-risk families. There has also been a shift in our daily procedures with the increased use of PPE and sanitation during all deliveries of services.”

Vangurp says the many roles in the department take her throughout the entire hospital in the run of a shift, including the routine delivery of incoming parcels, linen rotations, and supply drop-offs. The department also handles the removal of contained soiled linens and Operating Room supplies, as well as many other important responsibilities.

Vangurp is proud of the work she and her colleagues are doing during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. They always try to share laughs and support one another.

“It is important to continue our work in order to support the hospital and our larger community, says Vangurp. “We are part of a greater effort that truly makes a difference in the lives of others and this helps motivate us through events that produce a strain on our department.”