I am the I in IWK: Dr. Sally Bird, associate chief, Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia

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“The hospital feels empty and somewhat desolate, which is so different from the busy, friendly place I am used to. Most of my time is spent preparing and practicing to care for COVID patients instead of caring for actual patients. It is now a treat when I have the opportunity to work in the operating room giving anesthetics.”

Dr. Sally Bird has worked at the IWK for 10 years. She cares for children who need general anesthesia and sedation as part of their diagnosis, treatment procedures or surgery.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic her work has changed dramatically.

“I have been immersed in preparation for how to care for patients coming to the operating room who may have the virus.”

Much of her time has been devoted to learning about COVID 19 and developing best practice protocols for how deliver safe, excellent patient care while maintaining the personal safety of all the health care professionals involved.

But there are plenty of positive aspects as well.

“I have been energized and inspired by the collegial cooperation that the pandemic crisis has created here at the IWK. We have never collaborated as much with our colleagues in the ED, PICU, and Infectious Disease as during the last month. This has been the bright light in a terribly challenging situation.”

May 1st is Doctors’ Day in Canada – a time to highlight and celebrate doctors‘ expertise and dedication to patient care.