I am the I in IWK: Shaylee Davis, rehabilitation assistant, Kids Rehab Centre

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“I work on the inpatient team and inpatient rehabilitation team implementing treatment plans to help achieve the goals of patients and their families.”

Currently, Davis’ job is still functioning as normal during the global pandemic, still providing her patients the best rehab care possible. She says the biggest challenge right now is staying on top of, and coping with, the constant changes and new information coming in every day.

From this increased uncertainty, Davis and her colleagues, Courtney Steeves and Jennifer McLearn, came up with the idea of relaxation rooms, now Comfort Zones, in the rehab centre. A space where any IWK staff can go to take a moment to themselves.

“We were just talking one afternoon and came up with the idea,” says Davis about recognizing the need for a space to relax. “We brought it to our manager who escalated it for approval, and the idea just spread like wildfire from there. We were asked to open up even more rooms so that they’re accessible to any health centre staff.”

The rooms are decorated to be a calming environment and have activities that staff can do to relax themselves. There’s a board with positive affirmation messages written, deep breathing exercises, even some work-out spaces.

“I think it’s great that if anyone is overwhelmed they can go into that space just to take a few minutes to themselves. Even if it’s to listen to music or colour, having time to yourself is so important.”

Davis believes that staying positive and managing stress during these trying times is critical in keeping mentally healthy. In her personal life, Davis limits her time on social media, listens to music, reads positive affirmations and tries to focus on her work schedule to keep her mind occupied.

There are currently three Comfort Zones in the Rehab Clinic, open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. to any staff who need them.