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The new clown in town

Nana Margie isn’t your typical grandma. She’s a firecracker alright, and a whole bunch of fun. Nana Margie (pronounced Mar-gee) is the IWK’s new bilingual therapeutic clown and has come to us all the way from the island of Grandma-nan, a teeny tiny spot off the coast of New Brunswick.

Don’t let the grey hair fool you, Nana Margie is always up to something playful, a nice relaxing game or imaginative play. If you see her in the halls having a dance party for one, it’s just Nana being Nana. She loves doing crafts, as long as they’re messy, and has been known to pull a prank or two with her friends…and this is just the start of her fun at the health centre.

Speaking of friends, Nana Margie is loving making new friends at the IWK. Nana says there’s a lot that she wants to learn, and hopes that her new friends will help teach her; the other day she even learned how to use a Nintendo Switch! And, she’s been teaching some of her new friends how to play paper towel basketball and paper snowball toss. She’s going to be playing here from Monday to Thursday every week. If you see her around, give her a nod and a wave, it’ll help to make her feel right at home.

“We are very proud of our therapeutic clowning program here at the IWK,” says Chantal LeBlanc, professional practice leader and coordinator, Child Life Services. “Therapeutic clowning is different than performance clowning. It combines the art of making meaningful connections, using humour, playfulness, music, magic or other artistic skills with knowledge of child development, the impact of stress and strategies to support coping.”

The IWK and Tim Hortons wish a warm welcome to Nana Margie. If your area, or a friend in our care, needs a visit from Nana Margie, please reach out to Child Life Services for more information.

“Tim Hortons is thrilled to help bring smiles to the patients and families of the IWK through our annual Smile Cookie fundraiser which supports the Therapeutic Clown program. Through the generosity of our customers, HRM owners and staff who support this program, we are able to offer the children, youth, and families of the IWK an environment to play and laugh through their illness, injury and hospitalization.”

– HRM Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners

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