I am the I in IWK – Jessica Brennan

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Jessica Brennan is a Tim Hortons hostess at the IWK. Many might recognize her as the first person that greets them in the morning while grabbing a coffee, or as the friendly face serving a long line of customers. Brennan says that all those interactions is what she loves about working at the IWK.

Brennan joined Stephanie Munroe, Tim Hortons manager, and the IWK team in 2016 after transferring from a different Tim’s location. She says that what sets this location apart from the rest is the relationships she has made with her colleague-customers.

“I like getting to know people and getting to know my regulars,” says Brennan. “You get attached sometimes. You get them coffee every day and you just start talking, eventually, you get to know about their lives.”

Brennan says that the people here are just more open to sharing about themselves and making friendships. Even when it’s busy, Brennan doesn’t lose sight that a little gesture or quick conversation can go a long way in making someone’s day better.

“I think some people are in a place where they want someone to open up to, and we’re usually pretty cheery and try to make people feel better,” says Brennan. “I always try to put smiley faces on people’s coffees or wave ‘hi’ to somebody, just little things like that.”

While Brennan says she was shy and nervous when she first started, as many are when starting at a new place, she’s now seen calling out to colleagues in the hallways just to check in on their day. It’s the sense of community and the connections with people that Brennan attributes to making her work so enjoyable and what she looks forward to when coming to work.

According to Brennan, joining the IWK team “was the best decision I’ve probably ever made.”