I am the I in IWK – Theresa Pickart

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“Midwifery is the only career I’ve ever had; I’ve been doing it for 33 years,” says Theresa Pickart, clinical leader for the IWK Midwives.

Pickart comes from a culture where midwifery care is long-standing, and being born from a midwife herself, has cemented her passion for the field. This is a passion that Pickart has brought to the IWK midwifery team since its start in 2009.

“When we immigrated to Nova Scotia in 2004, midwifery wasn’t part of the health care system at that point, but I became involved with the professional association. When midwifery moved the two worlds into becoming part of the health care system, which was a big accomplishment, I knew I wanted to be here.”

“It’s just a privilege to work with families and to support clients in their needs. We follow certain standards, policies and guidelines, but midwifery is flexible enough to support client’s special needs which they sometimes have.”

Pickart pays special care to listen to the needs of both the women and the family to create a specialized birthing plan that is tailored to them.

“One of the principles of midwifery care is informed choice and supporting women in their choices. All this is flexible. We have clients with extra needs that we’re happy to support. For example, if a client isn’t able to come to the clinic, sometimes we do the whole post-natal and pre-natal care at home. It really depends on the need of the client.”

Midwifery was integrated into the IWK in 2009, and has been working in a collaborative and supportive here ever since. Pickart believes that there is a bright future for midwifery and looks forward to growing the practice with support on all sides.

“Today, I feel we are in a very good place. If we are looking at how midwifery is integrated in the health centre, the midwifery team is respected and trusted by the interdisciplinary team in the IWK. It makes a very unique and beneficial relationship, especially for our families and our clients.”

“I’m looking forward to serving as many clients as we can, and to whomever wants to have midwifery care. We are in a good place, and we really appreciate the support that we receive from the IWK.”

To celebrate International Day of the Midwife (May 5), the team came together with managers, supporting nurses, and current and past clients for a picnic celebration.

Pickart has many reasons to celebrate, not only the amazing work every day, but also the 10 year anniversary of regulated midwifery in the province of Nova Scotia.