I am the I in IWK-Nicole Boyd

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Nicole Boyd
Oncology Clinical Pharmacy Technician

March is Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM). During this time, pharmacists promote their role to other health care professionals and patients within hospitals and related health care settings. The 2019 theme is “Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts” which reflects the integral role that the entire pharmacy plays in medication management.

“On the oncology floor, we have a bell that the patients ring when they finish treatment, and since I have had a clinical role on that floor I have always said that is one of my favorite things about my job,” Nicole Boyd, IWK clinical pharmacy technician says. “It brings a tear to my eye and the biggest smile to my face, so much so that it actually hurts my cheeks when I see those families so happy to be done treatment! Definitely the most rewarding thing to see.”

Nicole provides clinical care for oncology patients responsible for medication reconciliation upon admission, procurement of various medications used within the patient population. This includes those that require special access from Health Canada, ensuring the best possible medication coverage through insurance plans, and discharge medication calendars.

“It is motivating to see how much of an impact our entire oncology team has on our patients’ lives. Pharmacy, nursing, physicians, social work, dieticians, child life, we all have the best interest for our patients and it is so rewarding to see that impact we have,” says Nicole. “Especially when something we do can make it slightly easier for families that are going through this.”

When speaking of the future, Nicole indicates she is hopeful that registered pharmacy technicians will soon be recognized in Nova Scotia.

“With the broadened scope of practice it would allow for pharmacy technicians to practice to their full potential of what they have studied and trained for,” Nicole says. “I am looking forward to using my license to work alongside the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada to assist with the practical exam for new pharmacy technicians entering the field.”