Help with Health over March Break

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Looking for something a little different to do with the kids this March Break?  Why not help out with an IWK research project?

Check out these important, interesting and fun projects currently underway at the IWK Health Centre:

ARC RecruitmentPosterThe Autism Research Centre (ARC) is looking for children who are between 8-12 years old and who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder to take part in a study about reading. Children will complete a variety of language, reading and problem-solving activities.

In taking part in this study, families will be helping us learn more about how children understand what they read. The ARC is particularly interested in how well children can read and in learning more about the skills children use when they read, such as understanding words and sentences. Some examples of the language activities that children will complete are: Children who participate will be asked to listen to sentences and find the picture that matches each sentence. They will also be asked to read silly words that aren’t really words. In total, it will take about two hours to complete all of the activities. This time estimate includes break times.

Interested families are asked to contact Tamara Sorenson Duncan by email at or by phoning the Autism Research Centre at 902-470-7275.


The Canadian Center for Vaccinology is looking for healthy teenage boys and girls who are going into grade seven in September 2019 to help with a meningococcal vaccine study.

The study involves three visits to the study clinic over the course of one year. These visits will include a physical exam, vaccination, blood tests, and questions about child’s health. The study will take about three to four hours of your time in total.

Parents will receive $25/visit and a parking pass for the IWK Health Centre.
Children will receive a $25 gift card at each visit as a token of our appreciation for travel and time to take part in the study.

For more information click here.

MirapedsPoopThe IMAGINE Network is looking for healthy individuals (without underlying gastrointestinal disease), to donate their stool (plus blood and urine, annually for four years), to help discover new treatment therapies that may help those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and/or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

IMAGINE studies the interactions between inflammation, the gut microbiome (bacteria/microorganisms), diet and mental health in patients with IBD, IBS and healthy individuals.

For more information contact Amy Postmaa 1-902-470-7009