I am the I in IWK -Dr. Megan Duffett

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Dr. Megan Duffett

Pediatric neuropsychologist

As a pediatric neuropsychologist, Dr. Megan Duffett assesses and consults within two teams at the IWK. As part of the Neuropsychology Service she provides neuropsychological assessments for children and youth with brain injury, neurological disorders and/or medical conditions that impact the brain. As part of the Autism Team, she provides diagnostic assessments for school age children and youth with suspected autism spectrum disorder.

“I am very interested in understanding the connection between the brain and behaviour,” Megan says. “It is very rewarding to identify the strengths that children possess and to help develop a plan and recommendations to set them up for success. I get to work with extraordinary families that demonstrate strength and resiliency in the face of adversity.”

Megan cites the collaboration and coordination between departments at the IWK as one of the most effective and valuable tools in providing the best care to patients and their families.

“For example, I help to identify how a child’s brain injury relates to their cognitive, academic, and socioemotional functioning at school and at home. Through that neuropsychological assessment, and information obtained from their other medical appointments, we are able to develop the best treatment plan for that child.”

Megan looks forward to further collaboration with other professions to improve patient care. She also eagerly anticipates training students and dabbling in research again.

“Research gives me a sense of hope. There is still so much to learn about the developing brain, and the more we learn, the better we become as practitioners.”

Megan was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work at the IWK after completing her graduate program in Ontario. The only thing missing as she settles into Halifax is a much desired corgi.

“I often used the term “dream job” to describe my position as it fits so perfectly with my past training experiences, my current interests, and future career goals.”