I am the I in IWK – Staci Brocklehurst

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Just a few years ago, after identifying a significant need, the IWK created a new role of enteral device coordinator and registered nurse Staci Brocklehurst stepped up to take on the opportunity.

Simply, enteral devices are different types feeding tubes used to help patients receive nutrition and nourishment. Dedicated resources for enteral devices are a growing trend in hospitals across the country and through her role, Brocklehurst is serving patients from across Atlantic Canada.

“I’m a resource for staff and families within the IWK when dealing with feeding tubes. I also communicate with pediatricians within NS, NB and PEI to help manage enteral devices. My goal is to optimize their quality of life so they can spend more time at home and less time in the hospital, ” says Brocklehurst.

A large part of Brocklehurst’s role is education, both for patients and families as well as health care colleagues inside, and outside, the IWK.

“We’re building capacity within the Maritimes while standardizing care best practices across Canada and the US,” says Brocklehurst. “Teaching families how to safely manage their care at home provides better quality of life for families.”

That focus on patients and families and their needs has been central to the success of this role as part of the IWK’s care delivery. As manager within the Children’s Health Program, Shauna Best says “The role is so important for patients and families who have, or are anticipating, the need for an enteral device. Staci is very keen to help families. She communicates with families, IWK staff and community partners so well to ensure transition in care happens as seamlessly as possible. She is very positive about her role and her ability to impact the care we provide at the IWK.”

When considering what she likes best about working at the IWK, Brocklehurst is quick to say “The people. I love meeting new families and I have a great team. I’ve met so many amazing people.”