I am the I in IWK – Nadine Loppie

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Nadine Loppie
IWK Credentialing Officer

“My day is never what I expect it will be,” Nadine Loppie, IWK Credentialing Officer says. “I think that’s part of the reason I love my job.”

Loppie is responsible for credentialing and privileging of all Medical, Dental, Scientific and Affiliated Staff within the IWK Health Centre. Her day can assist of screening and evaluating a practitioner’s qualifications and experience, to granting a practitioner permission to perform clinical activities within the institution.

In addition to this function, Loppie also serves as the administrator for the Medical, Dental and Affiliated Staff Organization. She has worked at the IWK for nine years and loves the opportunities she has to help people in all situations.

“I work with amazing people who are very supportive,” Loppie says. “I think it’s the energy of this place that makes it so rewarding for me.”