Medical Radiation Technologists provide essential, unique care

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Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) week recognizes the essential and unique care provided by MRTs as part of a patient’s care journey. These MRTs practice in a wide variety of settings within diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy and beyond. MRTs have specialized education and training in imaging acquisition and safety in the demanding setting of paediatrics. They are critical in developing and delivering advanced technological imaging solutions and patient care.



The MRTs working in the Breast Imaging department are integral to breast health management, adhering to strict accreditation standards and ongoing continuing medical education requirements. These highly skilled MRTs at the IWK performed screening and diagnostic mammograms, in addition to breast tomosynthesis and breast ultrasound for nearly 6500 women and men in the last year.




MRTs in diagnostic imaging are adaptable, and have a tremendous amount of experience working in a fast-paced environment with state of the art technology and the technological evolution. Many of our MRTs at the IWK are involved in a variety of cutting-edge research, working to develop and test front-line procedures and processes for these projects.