I am the I in IWK -Morgan Richard

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Morgan Richard
plastics service charge nurse, Children’s Operating Room

“I was a sick child and I have a child with health issues so we’re at the IWK for appointments a lot,” Morgan Richard says. “I think my experience helps inform how I interact with children and their families. I understand what they’re going through.”

Richard has been with the IWK for 16 years, as an operating room nurse for 14 of those. She really enjoys the variety of services they’re able to offer patients and loves working closely as a team with anesthesia and the surgeons.

Richard says she is able to befriend kids quickly, and calms them with a good balance of humour and straightforwardness. She says she’s met lots of memorable patients and families during the years.

“One of the most memorable things I’ve had happen is that a patient wrote me a letter. She said I made her laugh and made her more comfortable,” Richard says. “I went to visit her on the floor after she left surgery and I still have that letter.”